30 May 2023
09:30  - 12:30

Biozentrum, Spitalstrasse 41, 4056 Basel - room 02.073

RDM network Basel

Data Stewardship Programme

How to publish data on SWISSUbase?

SWISSUbase is a Swiss national research data repository that relies on international archiving standards and processes to ensure that data are preserved and accessible in the long-term. SWISSUbase has a specific module for the social sciences, to describe your project and data in accordance with social sciences metadata standards. In this workshop you will get

  1. a short introduction to the services of the University of Basel for Social Sciences and related disciplines
  2. a short general introduction to SWISSUbase
  3. a hands-on guidance through the upload process at SWISSUbase (with your own data or an example data set).

The workshop is intended for researchers of the University of Basel who would like to publish in SWISSUbase (or are considering doing so) and for Research Data Management Supporters.

It is also possible to participate only in the parts a) and b) of the workshop with the introductory sessions. (Duration approx. 1h)

For the part c) please bring your laptop to the event.

Date: 30 May 2023, 9.30-12.30 a.m.

Location: Biozentrum, Spitalstrasse 41, 4056 Basel - room 02.073


  1. Eric Decker,RISE team, University of Basel; Christina Besmer and Iris Lindenmann, Open Science Team, University Library of Basel
  2. + 3. Marielle Kappeler and Alexandra Stam, FORS center

Registration and contact: researchdata [at] unibas.ch

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