Research Data Management

This is the main data portal of the University of Basel. This web site provides pointers to key resources and partners at University of Basel who can help you organize and manage your research data.

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Data management plans are requested as part of most grant applications.

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Information on how you can share and publish your data in repositories.

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Storage and Infrastructure

Funders demand archiving of research data for a certain period of time.

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Research Data Management Cheat Sheets


Legal and ethical issues

Legal and ethical issues can arise in every phase of a research project.

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Active Research

Tools and services for data management during the research process.

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Contact, About, Services, Trainings, Documents, ... .

Funding FAIR communities

A proposal by the Research Data Management network of University of Basel

Open science aims at making research findings, methodologies and data available freely to scientists and to the society. But as the volume and complexity of data involved in research continues to grow exponentially, the effort to find, curate and reuse data made available through open policies is also increasing rapidly.

By adopting FAIR principles, and using FAIR services and FAIR repositories, scientific communities can save curation time, accelerate data reuse, and make research outcomes more accessible, visible, and easily citable

Today, however, there are still gaps in the definition of semantics and interoperability standards needed to make data truly FAIR. We propose that Swiss funding agencies support national communities and join forces with international initiatives aiming at accelerating the adoption of FAIR principles.

Our proposal:

"Swiss research funding agencies support actively communities of scientists who want to accelerate the adoption of FAIR principles in their domain.”

You find more information here.